Executive Committee (2022-2023)

Desiree Dias D'Souza

I’m a Workplace Health & Safety professional. From a choir leader to a bathroom singer, lover of food and movies and the mother of one … two if you count the husband. I have been on the Canorient Board since 2018 and am looking forward to leading my team in 2021, laughing and dancing to success.
Florence (Dilz) Suares

My name is Florence…. but most people know me as Dilz. I am a Recruitment Specialist by profession and one of the greatest parts of being a recruiter is that I am constantly bringing people together. Being able to connect people to their dream job is extremely satisfying. Joining the committee is similar, connecting people to come together for different events etc.

Baking is another passion – I like to party and by party I mean stay home and bake … after all life is what you bake of it. I am also into fitness. I followed a diet, but it didn’t follow me back, so I unfollowed it & decided to stick to a healthy lifestyle. I don’t think inside the box and I don’t think outside the box – I don’t even know where the box is … so keeping that in mind looking forward to another awesome year with the committee.

Jonathan Basten

I’m a husband, father and community worker. I strongly believe that we should always pay it forward. I hope to be one of the strong supports to the Canorient team while making sure to annoy our President to keep it interesting.
Crystal Fernandes

Thanks to the Canorient, my husband Kevin and I have called Canada home for the past 23+ years. A CPA by profession, I have served as a Director for the Canorient previously and am excited to now join the Board as Treasurer.
Andrea Fernandes

An Administrative Professional by day and an Event Organizer by night, my name is Andrea Philomena Margaret Fernandes or better known as Andy by friends and loved ones. An eternal optimist, who views life through rose colored glasses, I believe Laughter is the Best Medicine and cure for any ailment.

The eldest of four siblings, I am happily married to my husband Darryl, we have two wonderful kids, Phoebe and Dion and a most recent addition to our family, our fur baby Ella 🙂

As a member of the Canorient for the last few years, I was warmly welcomed and felt connected to home, far away from home. I thank the Board and members for giving me an opportunity to work alongside this vibrant group and I am very excited to bring my unique perspective to the table and make a difference where I can 😉
Membership DIRECTOR
Antionette Rosario

Baptised as Antionette but better know as ANTA. I’m a limited edition, there’s only one me. My Facebook account is proof that I’m always creating a better version of myself. Known for my quick comebacks, witty one-liners and eye-rolls. A keen learner and happy to learn something new everyday.
Charles Magalhaes

As a Regional Sales Manager (Canada), I am presently working for a start-up from San Diego and have launched their line of scientific instruments in Canada. I love socializing in a small circle, enjoy soccer, golf and giving back to the community. Look forward to working with the new committee and adapting to the post-pandemic environment.
Denise Rodgers

I am a proud member and supporter of the Canorient for over 25 years. I enjoy participating in, and helping organize events hosted by the club, and I look forward to another year of Canorient awesomeness with the new committee for 2022-2023
Donald Ferro

I’m a straight talker, tell it like it is. Proud supporter of the Canorient for close to 25 years. Remember life doesn't get better by chance ... it gets better by change. Be the change!!
Francesca Tellis

I’m Francesca. Most of you from the Canorient might somehow already know me. For the last 23 years in Canada, I have enjoyed the many Canorient events and activities.

Married to Johnathan, I have two beautiful kids, Channelle and Joshua.

I currently work at the Royal Ottawa Hospital, for the Atlas Institute for Families and Veterans as Executive Coordinator.

In my spare time, my hobbies include photography, and creating videos from precious memories from the past. I enjoy, cycling, table tennis and travelling.

I look forward to connecting with current and new members of the community.

Janice D’Souza

Wow, I never thought I would be a member of the Canorient Executive Committee … but when opportunity came knocking, I signed up, hoping I can make a difference. I am looking forward to working with a dynamic group of friends whom I have known for several years. I am eager to contribute towards bringing together our fun loving Canorient community with more events – food fairs, picnics, talent shows, celebrations and parties etc. – virtual or in-person, the FUN can be the same …
Rodney Rodricks

I came to Canada 26 years ago. I love the country and our community and enjoy helping organize events for all to enjoy.

This year has already been the year of change, with many new events, thanks to awesome folks I get to work with, and learn from. These are tireless volunteers who can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

Am excited to be working with the new team ...

Ronald D’Cruze

I am thankful for getting the opportunity to serve the community, something that I always looked forward to and now I am a part of an energetic team. I always believe it’s a team effort that makes it happen. I’m hoping with my contribution of ideas and support we will make this an exciting and memorable term.
Ryan Pereira

I am looking forward to serving our community through the Canorient committee. Understandably, this will be another challenging year due to COVID, but we can get through this with your support. Hobbies include playing cricket and photography. I love spending time with friends.
Vanessa Mathews

An ideas girl that loves coordinating my handbag, shoes and accessories. A banker by profession and mother of two Lego and light-saber loving boys. My mantra: Life is short…live it to the fullest. I’m passionate about organizing community building events and being kind to others. Excited about keeping you engaged with the Canorient through our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms. Funfact: An 80's girl living in a modern world that has watched Dirty Dancing twenty times more than necessary! 😜

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