Message from the president

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Dear Members,

Welcome to the Canorient website.

I hope this note finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

I am honored to be your incoming President and am excited to welcome the new class of Directors to the Board that were acclaimed on April 2, 2022 for the year 2022-23 Please feel free to familiarize yourselves with your new BOD in the Executive tab above.

This year, the Board’s and my priorities will be to”

  1. Promoting/Supporting our Youth / update
  2. Increase Financial Reserves (for unforeseeable events/incidents)
  3. Environmental sustainability

Besides these goals the board and I are thoroughly excited and energized to bring you all, an action-packed, fun filled year!

Finally, my board and I would love to hear from you! We are open to any ideas, suggestions, comments, improvements, or criticisms

I’m looking forward to a FUNtabulous 2022, and I am grateful for your partnership and dedication to our chapter to make it all possible!

Stay Safe, Stay Blessed!

Desiree D’Souza

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